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Water Quality Matters

Pollution Control’s vision is a program that results in Collier County restoring and maintaining its water and other natural resources in pristine condition, providing for a sustainable future, and enhancing the quality of life of our customers. Our motto is to LIVE GREEN and SAVE BLUE.

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Fuel Contamination

one in aMILLION

A single gallon of fuel can contaminate over a million gallons of water.

Friendly Landscape


Florida Friendly LandscapingTM saves money by using less water, pesticides and fertilizer.

Fuel Contamination


Collier County gets 96% of its drinking water from groundwater, which is replenished from the land's surface.

Pollution Prevention & Education

You live, work, and play in a watershed. Our education team is here to explain why that matters, raise awareness about water quality and help you make educated, cost effective decisions that protect our valuable ground and surface water. Businesses, students, teachers, and residents can all contact us for help with or presentations about water quality, stormwater, pond management, pollution prevention, and more.

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Stormwater is the water that results from rainfall. It is also an extremely valuable resource that is highly susceptible to pollution from human activities. Stormwater Management is using structural or non-structural practices to reduce flooding and pollutant load runoff. Collier County’s hydrologic setting is generally dry with occasional intense rainfall during the summer months. The flat coastal plain and high groundwater level creates unique challenges to route and store the water inland, where it can sustain wetlands and replenish the aquifers, while protecting property from flooding and the estuaries from freshwater influxes. Pollution prevention is possible with careful planning and the use of low impact development.

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Water Quality

LIVING GREEN AND SAVING BLUE starts with the facts. Pollution Control has been collecting water quality samples since 1988 and has been analyzing samples in our laboratory since 1992. Technical reports summarizing and trending data are available.

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ABOUT Collier County Pollution Control

Our mission is met through the implementation of the following programs:

  • Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
    • Groundwater Sampling
    • Surface Water Sampling
    • Laboratory Services
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Compliance
  • Sludge Transportation & Disposal Management
  • Pollution Complaint Investigation
  • Wellfield Protection
  • Stormwater Permit Compliance
  • Community Education and Outreach

The Pollution Control Section is part of the Growth Management Department and is located at:

2685 South Horseshoe Drive, Suite 103
Naples, FL 34104
Phone: (239) 252-2502
Fax: (239) 252-6479

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